Known as the "Eternal City", Rome is not just perfect for being a world-class tourist destination, but their food also tops the list of reasons why travelers go back. Being set in Italy, Rome is also heaven for several culinary experiences.

But if you're on a tight schedule and doesn't have much time experiencing all of Rome's culinary treasures, what are some of the dishes you shouldn't miss? Here are some of them:

Quinto Quarto (offal). The Quinto quarto cuisine is made up of dishes made from the off-cuts of meat such as sheep intestine, pig's tongue and oxtail. Disgusting they may seem, but they are actually very good. Recipes such as tripa alla Romana and la pajata are some of the most sought-after dishes, so make sure you try them out.

Pizza Bianca. If you're craving for an authentic Roman midday snack while you're on tour, then try out the Pizza Bianca. A simple snack made up of plain pizza bread with salt and pepper, it is similar to the taste of the focaccia bread. You can buy it at any bakery across Rome, and you'll find that its simplicity doesn't justify the goodness of every bite.

Fritti. Fried food may be unhealthy, but in Rome they make them so good it's hard to resist. Try their fried rice balls, fiori di zucca and baccala. You can find them displayed at stalls in the public markets or in the street corners of Rome. If you crave for the very best, then head off to Da Enzo in the Trastevere. They are Rome's own version of street food, and only cost a few change.

Cacio E Pepe. Pasta is ingrained in the Roman and Italian culture, but this particular one is the most basic of all Roman pasta staples. The basic ingredients are Pecorino Romano cheese and freshly ground black pepper. They are mixed together with the cooking water of the spaghetti to make a perfect creamy sauce and then poured over the cooked pasta with more cheese shavings and more pepper. Go to Cacio e Pepe restaurant on Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11 for the best serving of this dish.