Retirement is bliss. However, there's a lot to consider when looking for the best havens you can retire into. That said, here are 3 Southeast Asian countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, where you can retire comfortably while having fun!


The Malaysian government offers a 10-year long social visit visa for foreign applicants who wish to make this beautiful country their home via the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) program. Malaysia has one of the better infrastructures in Southeast Asia so it's not surprising that the country has a large community of expats.

The country has a growing medical tourism industry so you'll have access to good health care at a lower cost. The locals are warm and friendly, the scenery is great, and the cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low.

The Philippines

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is not necessary to marry a Filipino to receive a permanent resident visa to retire in the Philippines. Check out the requirements for documentation if you plan to retire in this magnificent group of island.

"It's More Fun In The Philippines" and that's not just some catchy slogan and campaign ad to attract tourists and retirees. With its monthly festivals, there will always be something to look forward to. Plus the fact that the health care and the cost of living are literally low in the country, you can spend much of your retirement pay touring all 7000 plus islands the country has to offer.


The weather in Thailand certainly attracts retirees from the west along with its efficient medical facilities. Thailand has beautiful beaches and infrastructure.

The food is great, the locals are accommodating to foreigners, and the cost of living in Thailand is just a fracture higher than the other Southeast Asian nations on this list.

These three Southeast Asian nations have rich histories and cultural diversities which will keep you occupied throughout your retirement stay. Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are good havens for retirees where they can retire comfortably while still having fun!