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Travel Tips: Learn The Tips On How To Travel the World for Free From Two Travelers Set On A Mission

Travelers Today       By    Jacq Evans

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 06:56 AM EST

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Two wanderers on a mission shared their insights on how they traveled the world for free. Here are the details.

Laura Bingham

Born as a natural adventurer, Laura Bingham, left her home at 18 years old to explore the world. She traveled through the Greek Islands, Continental Europe, Africa, Asia, North and Central America before eventually landing in Mexico. In Mexico, she taught English and took on stimulating conservation work to safeguard the Jaguars who are in danger of extinction. Laura pushed herself even further when she and a crew of two men and a cat, sailed back home to England across the Atlantic in a 38ft Trimaran. Laura cycled 7,000km across South America, July 2016. From scavenging for food scraps in trash cans to fishing for piranhas, Laura somehow has fueled her human-powered journey. And she made it all without spending money.

In a report by The Guardian, Laura said that those who are planning a cycle trip should travel very light. Weight will hold you back and you will be amazed by the amount of stuff you do not need. I would recommend Gore gloves and rain jacket, as they are lightweight. I also loved my down jacket, which kept me warm and worked as a pillow too. Finally, it is vital to stay positive, she said. I was raising money for a charity called Operation South America and the thought of them got me through the trying days. Moreover, download some motivational videos or podcasts, she remarked.

Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield went to 72 money-free days traveling from Brazil to Panama. He said that when going on a travel without spending money one must be prepared. He added that you must have the drive to be mostly self-sustaining. Furthermore, he said that you must bring a tent and sleep gear as well as the water purifier, cooking equipment, and comfortable clothes. He added that you should travel light and leave behind what you do not need. In addition, he noted that you must create connections for places to stay and get meals through websites such as,, and

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