Watching the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is popular among tourists as they get to witness a colourful lightshow from above while enjoying the cold climate in places where these lights can be found. This phenomenon is actually a collision of electrically charged particles released from the sun to gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, which results to colourful lights waving in the sky. Aside from Iceland, Canada is also one of the best countries where the views of Aurora Borealis can be enjoyed.

If you are planning to go on a trip to Canada to witness the Northern Lights, here are the best places where you can get the chance to see them. 

Alberta is found on western Canada and the country's fourth most populous province with over 4 million residents. Its site is dominated by mountains, desert badlands and enormous coniferous forests. Alberta is also where Jasper National Park can be found. It is one of the world's biggest dark-sky preserves and is free from any light pollution.

According to According to Condé Nast Traveler, people who love star gazing say that the view of Aurora Borealis in Alberta is far better compared to other look-out spots including Iceland. Among all the preserves in Alberta, the town of Jasper is where the Northern Lights can be best witnessed.

The Lake Superior is the largest among the five Great Lakes of North America. It is shared by Ontario, Canada on the north, of Wisconsin and Michigan to the south and of Minnesota to the west. The lake gives a darker backdrop to the Northern Lights making the tourists see the lightshow clearer. According to the Canadian Geographic, people can have a nicer view of the Northern Lights through driving along the lake's north shore from Silver Islet, a small community located near the lake.

Saskatchewan is a grassland and boreal west-central Canadian province with over 1 million residents in its total population. Prairie covers Saskatchewan's south plains while its northern part is encompassed of forests, rugged rocks and lakes. It is known one of the many places in Canada where adventurers stay to look for the Northern Lights. There are also provincial parks north of Saskatoon to accommodate tourists who wish to witness Aurora Borealis.

Churchill is a small town in Manitoba, Canada known for being a habitat for polar bears during fall. The town is also popular for its tundra vehicles which enable guests to have a closer encounter with the wildlife. With Northern Lights as the town best offer for tourists, Churchill is actually the perfect place to be if you want to have a taste of all that the north has to offer. For the record, the Northern Lights are witnessed in the skies of Churchill for over 300 nights per year.

There are actually many places where you can witness these sights on this side of the world. However, one of the best things to do before you travel is to research, and look for places where the Northern Lights often appear so as to assure that your trip will eventually lead you to seeing the most wonderful lightshow in the world.