Microsoft's Project Scorpio console is expected to be released sometime this year and it has been one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. Gamers are also drooling for more information to be released about the console.

Microsoft has been mostly mum about any details regarding Project Scorpio, but they have teased a few details that will make gamers even more excited about the potential that the console has. The latest tease comes from "Halo" director Frank O'Connor. O'Connor answered some questions posted by gamers on Neogaf and shared that while he does not remember all of the details of Project Scorpio's specs, he does recall how powerful the console is.

According to the "Halo" boss, the console is "beefier than expected." Some people might consider the information to have a tint of bias in it considering it's coming from the head of Halo, it is still enough to make gamers buzz about how it could handle games that get released for it, including a new "Halo" title. Microsoft has yet to reveal any information about "Halo 6", but we shouldn't be surprised if Microsoft ever decides to release the next installment in the "Halo" franchise on the new console.

One important thing to note is that none of the already released Xbox One consoles will be left out of future game releases once Project Scorpio is officially released in the market. This was confirmed by Xbox head Phil Spencer.

In a bit of sad news, Microsoft announced that "Scalebound" will not be released in 2017 and has pretty much been canceled, according to a report from The Express. Spencer took to Twitter giving more info about the decision to drop the title saying the difficult decision was made because they felt it would be in the best interest of Xbox gamers, but still called it "disappointing".

The Xbox One Scorpio was first announced during last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In a report from Gamespot, Xbox's marketing head Aaron Greenberg claimed that Project Scorpio is going to be the "most powerful console ever made."