The unique and beautiful landscapes of Yosemite National Park is one of the best in the world. Planning on a trip to the adventurous land is a must and one thing is for sure, you will find beauty with every step you take. Though your first visit to such an enormous beautiful wonder can be unsettling and as a first time visitor you may not know where and what to start.

As a first time visitor a guide is the best thing therer is. For a better understanding and to make it easy on you to track to know the best places in Yosemite National Park and what to do, here are some tips for you to experience the best out of the glacier sculpted park.

Have A Better Understanding About Yosemite National Park. Learn the history of the park, make it a point to stop by the Valley Visitor's Center to get an idea of how the park is formed and who its inhabitants are and where, this includes wildlife. Knowing the history of the place will make it easier for you to roam around and observe the real beauty of the park.

Visit Yosmite Valley's Rock Formations And Waterfalls. You will surely be impressed by the panoramic views of a glacier carved canyon, thickly forested, with grassy meadows beside a beautiful river and granite standing stones scraping the sky. Stop at Tunnel View for a postcard-perfect shot of the valley floor.

According to Lonely Planet, there are convenient shuttle stops around the park where everyone can take for free, it's an easy stroll right up to the base of the Yosemite Falls, which is the continent's highest at over 240 feet or try to hike and see the unbelievable Bridalveil Fall. If you got more time then its best to ascend the slick granite rock staircase on the Mist Trail which runs so narrowly beside Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall that you're likely to get sprayed with water all over but its okay its part of the adventure.

Hike Up And Challenge Yourself. In Yosemite there is many things to do, one is hiking. You can try and hike up the infamous Half Dome which is a 10-12 hour trek to the summit of the park's focal peak via a National Park Service lottery, which allows around 300 people on the trail each day for safety reasons.

If this sounds too tiring for you or if you're unsuccessful in the lottery for the day then take a trip to the Panorama Trail instead.The trip is about 8.5-mile one way from Glacier Point to Yosemite Valley which takes you past hidden gems like Panorama Point and Illilouette Falls, before joining the Mist Trail to incorporate Nevada and Vernal Falls too.

Get A Close Glimpse Of Wildlife In Yosemite. Get a chance to se some of the best wildlife in Yosemite. From chipmunks to squirrels to mule deer and even more. According to Flight Centre, you can also see porcupines, raccoons, mountain lions, black bears and some bird life too if lucky enough.

Take Time To Relax And Enjoy Nature. Hiking all day around Yosemite can be pretty exhausting. Take a rest, chill, lay back. Try Tenaya Lodge, it is a four diamond resort that offers a peaceful aura and also provides the best dining menus, there are also pools if you want to take a dip. For more of Yosemite National Park and other famous parks in the world, visit us at Travelers Today.