In America, there are only a few destinations that can match the craziness in terms of gambling, strip clubs and the best restaurants of Las Vegas. The Sin City is a surrounded by colorful neon lighted casinos and roaring freeways everywhere making it as one of the most unforgettable places to visit.

If you get everything well planned and ready in Vegas then a weekend in this town can be the trip of a lifetime. If you don't, Vegas can easily overwhelm and disappoint especially money wise. Here are our tips for making the most of the city.

Snacks in Vegas. Convenience stores in your hotel will charge you alot costing you to burst in tears. According to Primer Magazine, it is best to invest in a Vapur water bottle, these bottles are collapsible plus easy on the go and also save a section of your suitcase for snacks. Stock up on some of the best snacks in town for you to save on your expenses.

Choose the right hotel to stay. Note that always take time to find the right hotel that fits your budget. The city's hotels run a good priced hotel to luxurious and very elegant pricey ones as well. All hotels offer different packages that will draw you in but be careful because some can charge you double.

At the upper end of the scale, lavish mega-casinos such as the Venetian and Bellagio spoil you rotten with luxury facilities, shops and restaurants. More affordable hotels including Luxor and New York-New York, as well as modern casinos such as the Linq, where chic rooms make up for a lack of huge attractions.

Don't spend to much time on the Vegas Strip. Make sure you visit the place further at least once, whether it's to see a show at an off-Strip casino like the Hard Rock cafe, or to indulge in one of the city's more amusing attractions. Fremont Street is one of the best places to visit for the day as it comprises different casinos of all kinds and an indoor zipline.

Sleeping early is not normal in Vegas. Even if you're not going to party in the clubs of Sin City, don't expect to make it back to your room before the early hours. This is a city that really doesn't sleep aside from New York and if the bars don't tempt you, the artificial light will have you convinced it's barely past sundown.

Enjoy the glits and glamour in Vegas. According to Rough Guides, Sin City shows are simply some of the best in the World. Tickets might be expensive but seeing at least one is a must whether you want to be puzzled by Penn and Teller's magic tricks or see the wonderful acts of Cirque du Soleil in action.

Do not get to high and crazy. Not the drugs but places where you can see the whole view of Vegas. You don't need a helicopter tour to see the whole city. A hope on the High Roller ferris wheel will do the same as the helicopter or go to the observation deck at the Stratosphere which is the tallest building in the city of lights where you can see the best view. For more about Las Vegas and different destinations around the world, visit Travelers Today.