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‘Overwatch’: Actor Terry Crews Wants To Do Doomfist's Voice

Travelers Today       By    Christie Abagon

Updated: Jan 05, 2017 08:21 PM EST

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Terry Crews recently visited video game developer Blizzard Entertainment, and posed in front of an "Overwatch" logo. His visit spiked talks that he could be the voice of a new character called Doomfist.

Crews took to social media to announce that he wants to do Doomfist's voice. He posted an article about his visit to Blizzard along with the message: "Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??"

According to PC Gamer, Doomfist is a title that's been held by three different characters thus far, each of whom has wielded the powerful gauntlet seen in the game's original cinematic trailer. Three banners in the Numbani map show three different people who used the Doomfist moniker.

If Crews gets to do Doomfist's voice, it's going to be a change, since Blizzard has cast traditional voice actors for the game. Also, to match holidays and events, they record new lines for dialogue for its characters, so it would not be a one-time gig for Crews, if ever.

Blizzard is known to implement fan's suggestions in the past, like making a snowman version of Mei's ice block ability for her Christmas skin, Tech Mic reported. But currently, there is no confirmation from Blizzard about Crews.

Meanwhile, "Overwatch" is planning to release a new update. There will be changes to Roadhog, specifically to the way his hook works. Blizzard believes that this change will make his hook more consistent for the character and his enemies, but as a result, fans can expect the character to become slightly weaker.

No exact date for this game update has been released yet, but Blizzard's Geoff Goodman said that it might enter PTR on PC this week. Goodman said that the update will now make the hook victim move into the position directly of Roadhog, instead of just a straight line towards him.

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