Police have arrested four people in Chicago, IL after they streamed a video of them assaulting a man who was bound and gagged on Facebook. Police say that the victim who was physically assaulted had special needs. The four suspects could be heard making racially prejudiced statements against President-elect Donald Trump and white people.

One part of the Facebook Live attack shows the assailants using a knife to remove a part of the victim's scalp. The video has been described by Chicago police as "sickening" and a possible hate crime. Police say the victim - who is Caucasian - is an acquaintance of one of the attackers and could have been kidnapped at least 48 hours prior to the assault. The victim has since been released from the hospital, but remains traumatized by the attack.

Chicago police streamed a live press conference on their Twitter account where they praised the speedy response of the officers who rescued the victim. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson says he is amazed at how he continues to see things that people should never see even after 28 years of service in the police force.

The 30-minute video shows the attackers cutting the victim's clothes, pouring cigarette ash on him, and even drawing blood after cutting off a part of his scalp with a knife. The assailants also force him to drink water from a toilet bowl and forced him to say "I love black people" while being held at knife-point. People can also be seen laughing and smoking in the background while the attack is taking place. A correspondent for BBC has even condemned the video for being so "brazen".

Even though Donald Trump was mentioned in the video, police do not believe the crime was politically motivated. Charges are expected to be filed against the suspects within the next 24 hours.