When your out of the country, one thing that every tourist out there wants to experience is the food of the foreign land they are visiting. Trying out different varieties of traditional food and other delicacies is one way to fully understand and experience the destination when traveling.

We have picked a few of the best delicious food destinations around the world to give you and idea of where and what to try on when you land in one of these countries. Buckle up and savor the moment.

There are many traditional foods to try in Greece, from their famous Greek salad to thier heartwarming soups but if you want to try something old fashioned, cheap and fast to serve then a souvlaki would do the thing. According to Yonderbound, Souvlaki is an iconic fast food that can be found in all parts of the land from streets to bars and cafe shops, basically it is made up of little pieces of marinated pork that is fried in a grill.

Aside from the salad and Souvlaki or other wise known as "Little skewers," there is also the Mousaka. Basically, Mousaka is an eggplant or a potato based dish which is best if it is homemade. Must try drinks in Greece are Ouzo and Tsipouro which is a pomace brandy.

There is no other way but to try Italian food as the old fashioned colors of Italian cuisine has always been red, green and yellow creating a fusion of flavors and unique taste that will leave you speechless. Most of Italian dishes are based on tomatoes, a bread and the most italian of them all, the olive oil. Italian food has always been known for using fresh products from vegetables to poultry making it one of the tastiest foods in the world.

When it comes to pizza Italy has it from their Margherita to their famous Quattro Formaggi which is a traditional four cheese pizza. For pasta, Italy has the well known Carbonara and Pesto. You may also want to try Panna Cotta which is a creamy dessert that just brings you in another place, it is usually served with red berry jam. Lastly, don't forget the famous red wines like Barolo which is known for its light color and is made of Nebbiolo grape often labelled as on of Italy's greatest wine and the Barbaresco with is also made of Nebbiolo grape.

Ukrainian dishes are known to be extremely high in fat which makes it very tasty. One of the most famous dishes they have is the famous beetroot soup, Borsch which actually is a Ukrainian cuisine. Borsch is a meat beetroot soup which is made of almost every ingredient imaginable.

There is also the famous Salo, which is a salted pork high in fat which sounds a little bit weird but it tastes great as any Ukrainian food offers. If you are into raviolis there is also the Vareniki, it has different fillings within the raviolis containing potatoes, cabbages, cottage cheese and cherry.

Australia. According to Lonely Planet, Australia has been known for its dairy products over the years but it does not mean they won't dominate the food scene. Towns and cities like Bunbury and Busselton are just some of the fre who over the best seafood cuisines. Australia has also improved in the wine scene industry making them one of the best wine producers in the world.

Argentina has been shaping its culinary landscape for quite a while now making them a world class city especially for meat lovers. Today, the Argentinian cuisine is a mix of different blends of flavor from different nations from their German style sausages to their Spanish empanadas. For more of the latest travel guides and current news around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.