Theme Parks are places that could require you to take a sip everytime in order for you stay and keep hydrated all throughout the entire day in places like Disney World. Here is a list of the best beverages you can find on Disney World which is designed to appeal guests of all ages and tastes.

Pina Coladas. Grab a frosty and refreshing Pina Colada without leaving the pool at a Disney resort. Pool Bars in Disney World offer one of the best Pina Coladas around with or without alcohol making every member of the family have a taste of the drink and worry free as well especially for children according to About Travel.

Fruit Slushes. There are two varieties to choose from, the Grey Goose or Grand Marnier. These icy cold beverages are served in a martini glass adding up its alcohol content that is pretty much quite high.

Frozen Coke. This beverage can be found almost everywhere in the theme park. Pick up a frosty frozen coke beverage to chill and relax off a hot summer day as it is available pretty much in various loations in Disney World.

Lefou's Brew. Take a break at the Beauty and the Beast themed tavern as it offers a fruity foamed topped frozen apple juice which is one of the best signature drinks in Disney World.

Avocado Margarita. Now many of you may wonder how does this taste? well its delicious, the frozen margarita from Epcot's Mexico Pavilion is a long time favorite which goes well with guacamole dish.

Safaari Amber Lager. Come by and taste this exclusive brew found only in Disney World. It can be found within the theme park in places like the Animal Kingdom Park, Animal Kingdom Lodge resort and Africa Coolpost in Epcot.

Spiked Gelato Shakes. ever tried a mix of cocktail and milkshake? Well you should definitely try one. According to Travel and Leisure it is available at D-Luxe Burger. The drink is prepared with different combinations like Vanilla Porter and Smoked Bourbon.

The Conjurita. At the new AbracadaBar, cocktails share a very unique and magical taste through it delightfully themed surroundings.

Welsh Dragon. Lastly, there is this drink that is located in the pub brews at Epcot's Rose and Crown. This boozy mixture of Peach Schnapps, Creme de Menthe and Melon Liqueur is one of the best mixed drinks in Disney World. For more of the latest destinations, food news and current events around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.