2016 has been amazing especially in the cuisine side of things as it brought up a new level with the trend of restaurants serving the best food for the purpose of being instagrammed and featured. But it was not all just about food, others where about how the restaurants looks while others pictured out photogenic delicacies.

In 1957 Henry Ungaro and his cousin Tommy Amalfitano where just 15 when it all began. Both where slinging whole fish from Vista Seafood which was a tiny shop from the waterfront of the crowded port of San Pedro which was just around forty five minutes south of L.A.

Now 60 years later, this family oriented San Pedro Fish Market which is located near the water side is jam packed with people which can accomodate up to three thousand people at a time. According to Food And Wine, the market is not just famous for people to dine and taste the unique flavors it offers but it is also successful in a diffferent area as it was named as the most instagrammed restaurants in the United States.

According to Travel and Leisure, restaurants like the Tao, Nobu and Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer are just a few of the top restaurants in America that had a space as the top instagrammed restaurants in the world but never did people expect that San Pedro Fish Market would land in one of the spots in the survey done. But as for co owner and Henry's grandson Michael Ungaro, the rise of the San Pedro Fish Market seems quite not a surprise for them as it climbed its way up there to even out which was the result of many decades of hardwork and planning which made it into a brand and become one of the well known restaurants in America.

San Pedro Fish Market is one place not just to take a photo but to taste the great food they serve as well. For more of the latest news and current events stay tuned to Travelers Today.