Trying to come by any news or information on the Nintendo Switch is extremely difficult. So far we know that it will be a hybrid console with detachable controllers and will feature a chip based on NVidia technology. Until today this was where information on the upcoming console ended as new information from the FCC indicates that the Switch will not have a user-replaceable battery. The full document can be seen at the FCC's official website.

For now, it might not seem like much, but it could become a potential concern for gamers who are worried about the console's battery life. While this information is not something that can be completely confirmed at this time, it still provides us with a pretty strong indication of what the Switch will be like. This wouldn't be the first time that Nintendo has had to deal with battery-life issues as the Wii U's gamepad was widely panned for dying too soon.

Nintendo remedied this situation by releasing a high capacity battery pack that prolonged the gamepad's life by up to 8 hours, according to Engadget. Unfortunately, this will not be possible with the Nintendo Switch. Consumers who decide to purchase the console on launch day will have no other choice, but to make do with how much battery life the Switch can give them.

However, this is just speculation at this point since the model that the FCC reviewed was only a production prototype that was designed to be equivalent to the official mass produced model. It is also possible that Nintendo may tweak a few things with the Switch before finally releasing it on the market. But given the Switch's tablet-like design will make serviceability almost completely nonexistent.

More information about the Switch, including its retail price, will be made available on January 13, 2017 during the live Tokyo Webcast. The Nintendo Switch is expected to be released in March 2017.