Samsung has yet to announce any details about the Galaxy S8, but there are already reports about what the phone will look like and what its features are going to be. The Galaxy S8 just might be the most important smartphone to date.

There is an entire world of expectations being placed on the Galaxy S8's shoulders as the Korean tech giant tries to regain some of the momentum that it lost after the Galaxy Note 7 launch literally blew up as reported by Gadgets 360. However, recent reports coming out of China seem to be suggesting that Samsung might finally have an ace up its sleeve that will allow the company to return to prominence in the highly competitive smartphone market.

According to the reports, the Galaxy S8 might pack up to 8GB worth of RAM and have faster storage as well. Another report from GSM Arena also suggests that Samsung will be creating a big screen version of the phone called the Galaxy S8 Plus, which will be featuring a 6-inch display. The S8's 8GB RAM will be made using Samsung's patented 10nm fabrication technology. The phone will also be reportedly coming with Samsung's UFS 2.1 flash storage.

The Korean-based tech corporation had originally intended to launch the Galaxy S8 by February 2017, but recent reports have indicated that the launch date has been pushed back to April 2017 as the company wants to gain more confidence from its consumers before releasing the smartphone on a global scale. Samsung will need to do everything in its power if it wants to fully restore its reputation as one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers following the failed Galaxy Note 7.

Both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be unveiled during an event in New York which is scheduled to take place in April 2017. For now, there is still no other info regarding the upcoming smartphone from Samsung.