Small drones aren't exactly a new addition to the tech industry because there have already been several of them released on the market way before the DJI Mavic Pro Drone. With each passing week, there is always a new company out there releasing a drone that they claim has a new feature that has never been seen before.

It wasn't too long ago when using small drones meant having to sacrifice video quality, battery life, advanced features, and flight range. The Mavic Pro looks to change all of that by becoming the first small drone to not sacrifice any of the above-mentioned features. The drone commands a retail price of $999 and boasts plenty of amazing features despite its diminutive size.

As a matter of fact, its small size is an integral part of its design. Its battery life, flight range, autonomous intelligence and image quality can match up well with most of the bigger sized drones in the market. The drone is small enough to fit into your cargo shorts' pockets, which makes it a real space saver. Its remote is also smaller compared to the other remotes in the market and is no bigger than an iPhone 6.

According to a review by The Verge, the Mavic Pro's remote is different from the rest of the previous remotes released by DJI because it has a small LCD screen located at its center. This allows users to fly their Mavic Pro Drones without having to use the DJI app while still providing them with the basic telemetry that they need to navigate the drones safely. The screen can even send you a warning message in case your drone suddenly detects high winds or flies too far away from its home point.

The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is already out in the market, and interested shoppers can pre-order one at DJI's official online store. It is a must-have for people who want a drone that they can fit into their pockets without having to sacrifice any features in return.