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Travel Smart With The Ultimate Travel Packing List Part 2

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Updated: Dec 29, 2016 07:25 PM EST

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Here's the second part of the Travel Smart With The Ultimate Travel Packing List. Tips that will help you organized and make your preparations less stressful.

Choose Your Main Bag

A versatile, lightweight and big enough luggage to hold all your essentials is highly recommended regardless where you are planning to go for your holiday. The most crucial part which concerns about luggage is finding a piece that is versatile and can fit all your gears and stuff but is also easy to carry.

A bag with the option to roll or be carried like a backpack of duffel is a good idea if you will be going through various terrain or switching from the airport to cobblestones. It is also an advantage if your luggage has easy access organizer inside.

Organize Your Stuff

Keeping your suitcase organized would definitely be a challenge especially when there's a lot of different activities and a variety of gears that you will bring along. One of the best things that you can do it to use packing organizers especially when you're packing requires lots of layers. It would be easier to get from one place to another without having to re-arrange your entire bag each time you reach a destination if you make use of packing organizers.

Using packing cubes is another option to keep your clothing organized based on the type of activity. It will keep your bag organized and at the same time with easy access to all the different things you need during the trip. The basics that you don't want to forget includes lightweight clothing that can be layered, shirts, pants and/or shorts, socks, sweaters, jacket, t-shirts, belt, underwear, pajamas/sleepwear, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, dresses, jewelry and swimsuits/trunks.

You don't have to over-pack. Just pack smart and bring with you the clothing options that you think you'll probably use and have an extra set in case of emergency. Include clothing that you can wear for adventures and do the mix and match or use a different pair of shoes and scarf when you need to be slightly dressed up.

More of these in Travel Smart With The Ultimate Travel Packing List Part 3. Enjoy life and make your travels unique and memorable.

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