Airbnb is quickly becoming a traveler's go-to place to stay whether they are vacationing in a local province or in a foreign country because it is a lot cheaper than hotels and a lot cleaner than most cheap hostels. If you're a first timer, here's a guide to help you get started on using Airbnb.

This is where Airbnb comes in. Instead of paying for an expensive hotel stay or booking a room at a questionable hostel, Airbnb offers you to stay at nice apartment or house that belong's to a local. With Airbnb, you can find accommodations that can fit your budget as well as find one that you can feel very at home in.

If you're like Debra Bruno and can relate to how she feels about Airbnb at first, as she mentions in her article for Domain, then perhaps like her, you'd feel different as soon as you give it a chance. Now, she loves Airbnb and has added it to her travel arsenal as she finds it cheaper than hotel stays but more luxurious than other accommodations.

So, exactly what do you do to get started? Follow these steps and you're on your way to finding a better stay at your next travel destination.

Log In To The Site - There is no need for a password when you log in to the site. From there you can browse the huge selection of countries and local cities that offer Airbnb stays. Airbnb places usually show up on Google Maps too, so make sure you research your preferred location properly, figure out how to get from the city center to your location and vice versa.

What Type Of Stay Do You Want? - Next is deciding on what type of place you want to stay in. You can rent a whole house, just a room or an apartment on Airbnb. That's one of the many reasons why people love it so much, they have a lot of choices when it comes to where they can stay, so goodbye boring hotel rooms.

Check Ratings And Reviews - Ratings and reviews are important to check out, this is what can help you decide on whether or not it's worth booking an Airbnb place or not. So, right after you've stayed in an Airbnb place, do everyone else a favor and leave a review about the place you got to stay at. Also, keep in mind that Airbnb karma is real, according to Washington Post.

Ask About Breakfast Inclusions - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you're in a foreign place you need to be able to have a proper breakfast to ensure that you'll have enough energy to see the sights. Some Airbnb accommodations come with free breakfast, so make sure to ask about it before you finalize your booking.

Feel At Home But Be Courteous - The best thing about Airbnb is that the place can feel like your home away from home. Remember that although you are paying to stay at this place and it's yours for the whole time you've rented it, be kind enough to treat it with respect. Treat it like your own home and clean up a bit after yourselves, and have fun!