Showtime has officially renewed "Shameless" for the eighth season. This latest update comes after star Emmy Rossum and Warner Bros. Television reached a deal following a salary dispute with producers.

Production for the eighth season, which will air in 2017, will begin in May and will be 12 episodes long, according to an update by the Hollywood Reporter. A renewal for an eighth season was temporarily put on hold after Rossum - who plays the role of Fiona Gallagher on the show - butted heads with producers at Warner Bros. Television demanding equal pay after years of being paid less than her co-star William Macy. However, a report from Variety indicates that Rossum has been granted equal pay even though the details of the final deal have yet to be revealed.

In a statement released on her Twitter feed, Rossum described playing the role of Fiona Gallagher as "one of the great privileges" of her life and that she was happy to be back with her "Shameless" family. "Shameless" has become one of Showtime's staple shows and continues to draw in strong ratings. The seventh season of the show was its highest rated season to date.

It is one of the top five most watched cable-dramas among total viewers aged 18-49. Along with "Homeland", Shameless is one of the longest running shows on Showtime. In addition to drawing in strong ratings, the show has also accomplished the incredibly rare feat of airing twice within the same calendar year. The delay of "Homeland" to 2017 is the main reason for this rare feat.

The show is one of WBTV's key assets as the studio is trying to sell more TV series to premium cable outlets as broadcast networks continue to purchase from their vertically aligned studios. While the show might be a hit stateside, it is not as appealing in the international market, which affects its overall value. The show first premiered in 2011 and has grown consistently in ratings every season.