President-elect Donald Trump is really active on Twitter and his followers needs to be informed whether or not the information on his posts are true. A news site has just made a tool that can check if tweets being posted by Trump are true or not.

On Friday, Trump shared a tweet about the Russia hacking issue, asking if they are talking about the same cyberattack where the information about the Democratic National Committee illegally giving Hillary Clinton the questions to their debate was revealed and according to Washington Post, which made the tool, the tweet was not really accurate.

According to the news site, there was nothing illegal done, and Donna Brazile was not the head of the DNC when the debate questions were leaked and were given to Hillary Clinton during the US Presidential campaign.

According to Fortune, The Washington Post has created the Chrome Plugin which will automatically display a commentary next to Trump's tweets. In this way, the president-elect's followers will be able to identify if the information on the tweet is true or false, and the commentary will also explain and give further details about the information.

The said tool is being led by The Washington Post's politics team, the report states that the team has already fact-checked other tweets shared by Trump and will exert efforts it adding commentary to the president-elect's new tweets so his followers will be able to see the commentaries close to real-time.

The site also reports that it was not a surprise for The Washington Post to create such plugin in fact-checking the president-elect's Twitter posts since the paper is owned by Jeff Bezos, who sparred with Trump during the presidential campaign. The Twitter clash between the two is said to be the reason why the president'elect blacklisted the paper from campaign events.