Beyonce sure has a lot of talents, and that includes decorating Christmas trees. In a shared post on Instagram, Queen B showed her fans on Saturday how she decorated her Christmas trees. In a photo slideshow shared on the social media platform, Beyonce showed photos of not just one, but three Christmas trees in different themes.

According to Huffington Post. A 10- feet tall Christmas tree on the first photo seemed to be her main tree, decorated with silver and blue glitter-metallic ball decors while she post in front of it wearing a fitted navy blue dress with neckline plunging down to her navel.

The second Christmas tree is a Lemonade- themed tree also included on the slideshow. The tree is smaller than the first one, decorated with green (resembles lime) and lemon ball ornaments, with some lemon slices. The Christmas tree was topped with a yellow lace ribbon and a small silver Christmas ball.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reports, the third Christmas tree has a ballerina-cupcake inspired theme. Another photo shows the third white Christmas tree, decorated with pink and blue green metallic and glittery ball decors with some cupcake ornaments, and a ballerina on a tutu dress. Other Christmas decorations included in the slideshow was a purple nutcracker near a vase full of pink roses.

The rest of the photos show Beyonce while she strike different poses, while showing off her dress. The "Run The World" singer looked like a hot reindeer when she paired her blue secy dress with a reindeer antlers headband.

Beyonce's second Christmas tree is obviously designed to match the "Halo" singer's new album, "Lemonade." The "Run the World" singer attended the Parkwookd Entertainment's Christmas party two days ago where she sang one of the tracks in the new album with a live band. Employees were also given lemonade themed food and candies during the party.