2016 has been a big year for baggage, with manufacturers unpacking several bold innovations that would be welcome on any traveler's Christmas list. The Boxer is part of this new wave of innovation, it's been available to buy since September -- and doesn't require batteries. It's the creation of Dutch manufacturer Bugaboo, which made a splash back in 1999 with a stylish range of modular baby strollers that changed the world of posh parenting forever.

The big concept? Push instead of pull. The Boxer allows combinations of cases to be clicked onto a four-wheel trolley that tilts the luggage weight back over the wheels, allowing it to be propelled effortlessly with one hand. When it's time to stow away, a foot lever pops away the leading wheels. The back wheels fold discreetly away when the handle is collapsed. CNN reports that a price tag nudging $1,500 for its "fully loaded" edition -- including a hardshell check-in, a carry-on and a laptop-protecting organizer -- clearly aims it at upscale travelers.

According to The Telegraph, Barenbrug is happy to admit the Boxer is not for all travelling situations. "It's a sophisticated design for urban travelling - weekends away, business and shopping trips, not necessarily the mountains or remote escapes and rough terrain." Max Barenburg, who has spent seven years perfecting the Boxer as Bugaboo's co-founder and designer, figures it'll take a while to convince some of its appeal, but they'll soon get it. Whether Bugaboo succeeds or not could be down to how it performs against some stiff competition.