When you talk about one of the top choices for vacations and travels, New York City is certainly among the top list of travelers. New York City will not only inspire you with its city lights, their buildings and beautiful sceneries, but NYC is now known for having the best restaurants that you will surely love to dine in. For the past years, the city has been known for having good food to eat and right now, they had immerged as one of those cities where you can have a good stay and find the best foods as well.

These are among the 5 best restaurants that you can add to your list during your New York stay:

1. Le Coucou - This is one of the known places when you are looking for great foods. Dishes has been inspired by Chef Daniel Rose and Stephen Starr as they serve you food from the Old-French style. They have the best dining amenities and they will also surely offer you their best services.

2. Lilia - If you are also looking for a concrete-floor inspired restaurant, then Lilia is definitely the best choice. This is one of the best Italian Restaurants in NYC which will serve your their best tasting pasta, seafood appetizers, and fish and meat grilled into a savvy sauce.

3. Mr. Donahue's - It is another restaurant in NYC which has a tiny retro-lunch counter that is best for people who are looking for the best atmosphere. They offer old-fashioned main course like their best tasting roast beef and filler-free meatloaf at a very good price.

4. Le Coq Rico - It is a poultry-focused bistro that has been established by Alsatian Chef Antoine Westernmann. If you are looking for satisfying chicken dishes, then this must be a good place for you to dine in.

5. Agern - It is inspired by a Danish Entrepreneur which offers you Danish-inspired foods. Some of their best foods that you can try is the beef baked in ashes and their home-made sourdough with its crackling crust.