As 2016 concludes, the prominent accessory company Coach has declared an addition to its family of celebrity endorsers. American singer-actres, Selena Gomez has officially joined the fashion house family sealing a deal that reached millions.  

Gomez has lay low from the spotlight and has come back fresh from a respite. Just recently she was awarded the Favorite Female Artist for Pop/Rock category at the American Music Awards. It seems that the year is ending positively for the 24 year-old as she signed up a contract with the fashion giant. News reports say that the partnershit has reached a whopping $10 million.

The actress has previously entered into endorsements in the past with Pantene and Louis Vuitton. There are many speculations as to the opportunities that she can get with this fresh venture. Some guess that she might design her own line of accessories, while others predict that she might design her own line of clothing in partnership with the company. Selena, being youthful and influential, is set to represent the new market segment that Coach is most probably eyeing.

The Coach brand started in 1941 as a family business that produces leather goods and accessories. It bloomed into a line that carries luxury and quality. At present, it has a wide array of product lines ranging from bags, accessories, perfume, wallets, shoes, and many more. It recently celebrated its seventh anniversary and a new product line is created for another segment of the market, the teens. Reports say that Gomez wasl present during the celebration.

The Instagram queen may have taken a long interval from the public's attention after addressing her health, but her avid followers will surely get excited for their idol's clothing and accessory style. What kind patterns, materials, and concepts will Selena Gomez represent? Let's wait and see!