Social media has bridge the gap between fans and celebrities. It connects ordinary people to their idols through photo sharing, video uploads, posting comments, heart emoji and likes. Instagram is one of the most visited or popular website worldwide. Alexa listed this photo-sharing site as top 15, while Facebook is still on high position at top 3. Instagram has released its yearly ranking of the "Most Popular Celebrity."

Results show that Selena Gomez has captured a lot of hearts from the netizens. Her Instagram account has reached incredibly 103 million followers. The "Kill Em With Kindness" singer has beaten her best friend, Taylor Swift, who was at the second place with 93.9 million followers.

Gomez fans and admirers had been so busy checking her videos and putting hearts in her photos. As testimonial, she tops the most-liked celebrity photo and video on Instagram. She is also the most-mentioned artist on the social media platform. Following her and the singer-songwriter, Taylor, other musicians make it on the top ranking. According to Reuters,  Ariana Grande, "Problem" singer, make it to the third spot with 89.6 million. The Queen Bey, Beyonce, comes fourth place with 88.9 million followers. And the only non-singer in the top five, reality TV star Kim Kardashian drops at fifth place. Last year, she was at the second place.

Another trivia is that "hip-hop" is the most-buzzed or used music hashtag, this comes after the death of iconic stars David Bowie, "Oh You Pretty Things" singer died in January and Prince in April this year. The latter popularized the songs "Kiss," "Let's Go Crazy" and "When Doves Cry." The Most Instagrammed Day of 2016 is Halloween and the heart emoji is the Most Used Emoji in Posts. Statistics shows that the Facebook Inc-owned Instagram has climbed its number and followers or users are now more than 500 million around the globe this 2016.