Who knew Shia LaBeouf got flow? Spittin' rhymes and killin' it like it's his last speech. The "Even Stevens" star surprised everyone with his freestyle, especially when he dissed a few rappers like Drake and Lil' Yachty. Hollywood should brace themselves for the newest rapper in town.

A year ago, Shia LaBeouf went viral with his sweet flow at the set of "American Honey", then the actor stunned everyone again when he freestyled at "5 Fingers Of Death" segment of Sway tagging him as the "#1 MC in Hollywood". But, the actor didn't stop there and dropped another verse called "Zapruder" destroying Drake, Lil' Yachty and even Vin Diesel.

However, not everyone took it as lightly and Soulja Boy posted an Instagram video while telling Shia not to step foot in Atlanta. But, the actor is really beefing it up with another track called "Kumquat", "an obscure fruit" he labels the "Crank That" rapper, adding that Soulja Boy should expect him in his turf soon, once he's available.

Who knows what to expect from Shia LaBeouf who watched his own movies for 72 hours, and live-streamed his "wedding", which was actually a commitment ceremony with an Elvis impersonator as their officiant in Las Vegas. As Highsnobiety put it, Shia LaBeouf is so passionate in hip-hop that they collected reasons why he's the rapper the current scene needs right now.

He's actually not bad, and people thought so too. The actor transcended with juicy beats and feel that attracts hip-hop fans and leaving them impressed and wanting for more. Sway of "Sway in the Morning" even called LaBeouf "a rapper disguised as an actor".

He's a genuine hip-hop head, and his tattoos are the living proof to that. The "Transformers" actor revealed that he had a few of the O.G. rappers on his skin such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliot. Rapping and Breakdancing were their weapons in escaping being beaten up, according to the actor. This paved way how passion grew for the genre, and learn the language of rap. 

His creativity is unconventional, which is oddly weird for some, but a performance art in his own form. However, instead of taking him seriously, his infamous motivational speech "Just Do It" became viral as a meme rather.

He can play any character that makes him stand out from the sea of Hollywood performers. His diverse collection of high-caliber films is a true testament to his ability as a method actor; from "Nymphomaniac" to "Surf's Up". The site added that versatility is a key to surviving the hip-hop industry, which coincides with being an innovator.

He doesn't take himself too seriously, neither should everyone else. As a performance artist, he may take on pieces stretching the limits of humanity. But, this characteristic also helps him take things lightly as well.

It's still uncertain if Shia LaBeouf will pursue his newly explored path, and if he does, Chance the Rapper already expressed his support. Complex reports that the "Coloring Book" rapper is willing to help him when it comes to merchandising, and purchase an album when it comes out.