California is famous for a lot of things, notably for its rich and bloody history as a result from the savage Indian massacres and Gold Rush. As a result of this, there are a number of reported tragic accidents where hikers have mysteriously disappeared off trails, with notable sightings of paranormal and ghostly activity in locations where there has been violence in the past. Here is a list of some of the most haunted hiking trails in California:

1. Niles Canyon, Fremont - Haunted by a woman in a torn and bloodstained white dress ever since she was thrown from her carriage and hit by a car back in 1920. Hikers disappear from this road...

2. Haunted Forest, Altadena - With a dark and bloody history, this forest was once a location of witchcraft, murder, burnings. Hikers have said they have seen figured hanging from trees and the feeling of being watched.

3. Black Diamond Mines, Antioch - Ever since her execution, the Wailing Witch has haunted this area. Her children died under her care, now too do the hikers who dare to walk these mines.

4. Corralitas Red Car Trail - This trail is littered with old train cars and machinery. It is reported that the skeletons of the dead rail workers still remain after they perished during the construction of the route.

5. Bodie Ghost Town - The spirits from this abandoned town still curse anyone who dare to walk through. The giggling girl, woman in the window, and the smell of cooking still haunt brave hikers.

6. Prospector Road - We believe that animals sense ghostly activity? This extra sense can't help them along this road where pets regularly go missing.

7. Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park - These waterfalls are far from being a national treasure if you hear "Po-Ho-No" whispering. Miwok Indian legend believes that this evil wind lures people to the edge of the falls leading them to fall to their death.

8. Black Star Canyon, Orange County - A hiking trail that takes you through an abandoned Indian Village which was once a sight of a brutal massacre. Plenty of hikers have reported hooded figures in the area...

9. Murphy Ranch, Santa Monica - Once built to create an Aryan utopia by Nazi sympathizers before being shut down by American Authorities, all that that is left is pure evil as a result of the goings on of that past.

10. The Old Zoo Trail, Los Angeles - The old ruins of the zoo are inhabited by the spirits of the caged animals that once were the main attraction. If you are to see a man on horseback, be sure to get out as fast as you can.