One of the trending news in France today is the folded baguette called baguette du motard, a more portable version of the original long loaf which is invented by a French bakery in Breton. Before baking, the baguette is folded in half to make a U-shape design.

This was greatly welcomed by cyclists and bikers as this makes it easier for them to carry the baguette in their backpacks, instead of lugging it around in their bikes carefully. This compact version helps avoid the usual job of tipping out the excess crumbs in the bag when it breaks in half.

This simple twist was inspired when a young baker in the Le Darz boulangerie said his father (who's a biker) finds it difficult to carry baguettes. The bakery's post on Facebook instantly went viral and got shared 7,000 times. A local baker in Switzerland has also been reportedly in contact with them in hopes of creating a similar one.

"We made it as a nod to all the bikers, but also to amuse ourselves too," the bakers commented. "We're ecstatic that you like it."

Now, the bakery is making around 50 of these "biker-friendly baguettes" a day. Talking with British Baker, bakery co-owner Muriel Le Darz said: "My husband, [Nicolas Le Darz], who is a biker himself, was very taken by the idea. The advantages include that the baguette fits into a backpack and there are no crumbs to empty out. Also, it does not dry out."

The French were known to have an affinity for baguettes, as these long sticks of bread are always a part of their daily lives, and is the symbol of the present day French cuisine.

That's why many people cheered for the inventiveness of the baguette du motard, while many were also wondering why it took this much time for the French bakers to improve the original, long version.

Each folded baguette costs €1-5 centimes more expensive than the straight baguette. For the people complaining about the increased price, the bakers responded by saying, "Imagine folding 100 sticks - it takes time!"