A viral video depicting passengers on-board a hot tub roller coaster has people buzzing about a spa-themed amusement park in Japan. Having received over one million views in the span of one week, the video's overwhelming public response has prompted Japan officials to build the bizarre park.

Filmed in Beppu Rakutenchi park, the promotional video has hit a record of over 2 million views since its initial upload via YouTube and Facebook on November 20, 2016.  The video features towel-covered visitors walking barefoot across the park, riding in eccentric spring-water-filled rides and other spa-related activities.

In addition, the video features a message from Beppu mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano. The message issues a pledge to build the perspective park upon the video reaching 1, 000, 000 views. This is to be the first stage of the city's amusement onsen initiative.

According to Telegraph UK, the park is set to be built on the southern part of the island of Kyushu: an area that is world-famous for its spa resorts and hot springs. The same source also states that upon its completion, the sight would be home to the first spa-themed amusement park in the world.

Upon the realization of the video viewership goal, the office of Nagano issued a press release, announcing the commencement of the park's construction. In a report by Rocket News 24, it was stated that the press conference included a public statement, as well as an introduction of the team behind the park's planning and construction.

During the press conference, Mayor Nagano included a short note, thanking viewers for their support. In the note, he cites that the realization of the so-called "Spamusement Park Project" is  to be credited to the rapid response of viewers.

The note also states that the resort is a product of the collective creativity of a large task force of professionals. He also moved to express his hopes for transforming Beppu into a "fun" hometown for its citizens, especially its younger residents.