It has been 12 years since the "Mean Girls" movie but Lindsay Lohan seemed to have adopted her character in the film. Lindsay seemed to have taken a page out from the Burn Book and shamed Ariana Grande for her makeup.

The "Side to Side" singer recently posted her selfies on Instagram which got around two million likes and 15,000 comments. The fans seemed to like how Ariana looked on the photo, but Lindsay might be seeing the photos in a different way. The "Mean Girls" star slammed Ariana by commenting on the photos, saying the "Break Free" singer wears "too much makeup."

The photos Ariana shared on Instagram, Daily News reports, showed her look for her upcoming role on "Hairspray Live!" as Penny Pingleton. The news site also mentioned that based on the screen captures from the internet, the "Focus" singer was obviously dressed for her "Hairspray" role because one of the photos posted was captioned, "Penny Lou P," but it did not stop Lindsay from being mean to Ariana.

Another news site, One, adds that Ariana's makeup was just a simple cat eye and pink lip, and explained the "Dangerous Woman" singer was not really wearing too much makeup on her face. The site also mentioned that Lindsay Lohan has been sporting her no makeup look while she travels the world. Maybe the "Mean Girls" star just wanted to let Ariana know that less is more.

Amidst the harsh comment from Lohan, Ariana does not seem to be affected by the comment. The news site reported that Ariana is not the first celebrity to be slammed on social media. Kylie Jenner, for example is actually experiencing worse since she is being sent creepy tweets from a porn site. Affected or not, Ariana Grande still has not released any statement nor reacted to the comments Lindsay Lohan posted on her Instagram Photos.