The City of Angels, Los Angeles, is known to be one of the world's centers for music, culture, and the arts. This hustling and bustling city has always been an artist's paradise, with opportunities to break into the big scene waiting around every corner.

However, with all the noise and flashing lights, this city of opportunity can also become quite stressful, making it especially hard to find some time to breathe and relax. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing that the citizens of LA are in desperate need of a break. Thus, several great meditation spots have popped up all over the city.

Improved sleep, calmer thoughts, and increased happiness are just some of the benefits that meditation can offer. In a place as fast-paced and wide awake as Los Angeles, these meditation spots make up the oases that strung out Angeleans desperately need.

Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Garden

This peaceful public spot, located on W Adams Boulevard, is one that isn't very well-known or populated, thus making it perfect for some midday alone time. The Peace Labyrinth is decorated with gorgeous fountains and meditation gardens. According to the writers at We Like LA, it is a sacred place that is home to some of the best spiritual retreats in LA.

Center for Energy Medicine

Private meditation classes allow zen-seeking folk to enter guided meditation without having to worry about the presence of strangers, or having to deal with the reactions of others. According to CBS Local, the founder of the Center for Energy Medicine provides his students with safe and comfortable instructions that are guaranteed to improve balance, focus, and enlightenment.

Jame Irvine Japanese Garden

The Japanese are known for many things: meditation and gorgeous gardens included. These blooming gardens, filled with flowing waters, fragrant flowers, and lush greenery make perfect spots for seeking refuge and relaxation. Luckily for the residents of LA, they won't have to travel all the way to Kyoto to find these things.

In Los Angeles' Little Tokyo, the James Irvine Japanese Garden gives Angeleans the tranquillity of an authentic Japanese meditation garden. Featuring an abundance of nature, including a 170 foot stream, this little paradise is perfect for some much needed soul-searching time.

Lake Shrine Temple

Sunset Boulevard is known for being a very popular Hollywood reference. These references usually address the location's star-studded residences and studios. However, in the midst of the sparkling boulevard lies a soothing natural treasure, the Lake Shrine Temple.

This Hindu temple doubles as a meditation center that is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Located on top of a hill, the temple overlooks a gorgeous spring-fed lake that is guaranteed to calm you at the very sight of it. Known to be the most popular meditation site in LA, the temple comes highly recommended by several experts and locals alike.