Microsoft added a virtual trackpad to Windows 10. Microsoft on November 9th released its latest Windows 10 Creators test version, which includes a virtual touchpad that lets you control external monitors from tablets without having to attach a mouse. Microsoft revealed its Creators Update for Windows 10 last October, together with its new features that are anticipated to be launched in March. As Microsoft has yet to unveil all of its new features, the company seemingly might have some strategic surprises planned.

The Verge also mentioned that the Windows 10 (build 14965), its new test version, has been released to Windows Insiders. This version further added a virtual trackpad for its latest operating system. Microsoft suggests that it is a way to control external monitors with a tablet and is mouse-free, based on reports by

Once selected, it will be designated in the taskbar to provide a virtual trackpad on the screen, as designed, that can be used to control the mouse and enable right- or left-click options. Microsoft Windows OS users find it as an fascinating addition for Windows 10 tablets users that don't use a keyboard or trackpad. The touchpad icon will be seen in the notification area. Moreover, users can tweak the trackpad gestures in the main Windows 10 settings panel, as further, according to The Verge

The Windows' blogsite also explained that to enable the virtual touchpad, users need to press and hold on the taskbar and choose the "Show touchpad button". A touchpad icon will appear in the notification area and tapping on it will display the virtual touchpad. Microsoft's latest addition is not only about the virtual trackpad, but also includes its latest tweak on Sticky Notes app for Windows 10. The Verge added that more languages and regions are now being supported. It now also can identify emails, URLs, phone numbers, addresses, and stocks in several new countries.