There are a lot of underwater diving spots that can be found all over the world that offer a healthy fauna of marine life and undiscovered caverns. Here is a list of the best diving sites that are famous for underwater-diving enthusiasts.

1.       The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef offers a lot of the best diving spots that features a healthy inhabited coral community and shipwrecks that house marine life. Among of them is the Yongala dive site, a shipwreck that sank in 1911 because of a cyclone. It now served as part of the marine life by providing shelter to sharks, manta rays, sea snakes, turtles, and fish.

2.       The Great Blue Hole, Belize

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Blue Hole is hard to miss as it strikingly captures the eyes by its perfectly circled dark blue silhouette. Under that hole resides water species like nurse and bull sharks. It also offers underground caverns that have stunning stalactites and stalagmites.

3.       Silfra, Iceland

Silfra offers a unique diving spot where you can encounter clear blue water between two continental plates. The crack resides in the middle of the North American and Eurasian continents. Underwater diving here is more visible until it reached a hundred meters because of the clear water.

4.       Anilao, Philippines

Anilao in Bantangas, Philippines houses a lot of diving sites that are filled with coral flora and marine soecies. The most famous of them are Cathedral Rock, Bahura, and Beatrice Rock. Underwater photographers can thrive on their shoots because of the numerous brightly colored fish and corals.

5.       Liberty, Bali

Located at Indonesia, Liberty flourishes of anemones, corals, gorgonians, and different species of fish. Here also lies the wreck of USS Liberty, a cargo ship which sank in World War II, and considered to be the most sought diving site in Bali. The shipwreck now housed a healthy marine system and is home to hundreds of water species.