A lawyer named Dan Gillaspia, who is also a travel hacker, has recently managed to rack up a whopping 15,578 dollar suite on a Singapore Airline flight from Tokyo to Singapore for only 130 dollars. With his trusty 45 credit cards and well-detailed spreadsheets, he has accumulated miles and rewards for his next adventures using various tricks, which he shares in his website, UponArriving, where he also discusses the latest updates in credit cards, airline and hotel award programs and other travel guides and tips, according to the Insider.

According to Stuff, Gillaspia paid 130 dollars from his pocket to ride on a 15,578 dollar suite on Singapore Airlines, with addition of 100,000 miles from his two credit cards. He and his partner were even upgraded to the 21,000 dollar suite.

As they arrived, the flight attendants greeted them by name. "You knew right away that this was going to be a special flight," said Gillaspia. The cabins of the plane they rode were designed by French luxury yacht designer, Jean-Jacques Coste. "It's got this cosy, train cabin feel to it, with these interior shades, wood grain, and diamond stitched leather," he said, complementing the cabin's beautiful design. "It's amazing. You don't feel like you're on a plane, really."

During the ride, Gillaspia even experienced his first caviar and even praised the service, saying that Singapore Air was the best out of any airline. "You feel like royalty the entire time, especially when they pull out the double bed and you're able to sleep like you would in a hotel," he said.

Paying only 130 dollars for a luxurious suite with private bathrooms and Ferragamo toiletries, the whole experience felt so unreal to them. "You almost feel guilty, like you snuck in or something" said Gillespia, who then managed to get over with the imposter syndrome. "When you're lying there in your first-class suite drinking champagne, you're not going to feel too bad about it."