Playing lightweight games with friends through the messaging application Facebook Messenger is now made possible. Facebook Messenger is now preparing to launch a new instant game platform inside he application itself that will enable users to play with their friends through the application.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, one of these instant games called "Suffle Cats Mini" is now being tested in New Zealand by King.Com which also made Candy Crush that made a hit when made available through the Facebook application. Reports also revealed that other game studios including Big Viking are also preparing for the launch of Facebook Messenger instant games.

Tech Cruch has reported that "Facebook has been largely shut out of the native mobile gaming world by Apple's iOS and Google's Android." But according to them, this new platform will help Facebook will help drive users to Messenger engagement by building games into the Facebook Messenger application and using it as a portal to mobile web applications.

Though Facebook has not yet responded when asked about the new Messenger platform, it is expected that users will be able to play instant games through the application, challenge and compete with Facebook friends, and potentially earn Facebook a cut of in-game purchases like applications that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store.

It has been reported also by The Information that this instant game platform will also enable users to play asynchronous games which means that users may take turns playing with their friends, "not necessarily at the same time." As of this writing, users from certain regions like New Zealand are not able to access this instant game platform in the Messenger application but those in the US get an error message when they try to load it in mobile. Facebook has also introduced basketball, chess and soccer game in the Messenger application where users may compete with friends and through a group chat when they double tap the basketball or soccer emoji.