Italy has always been in the bucket list of most travelers who wants to visit Europe and Venice is one of its cities with almost a jam-pack number of tourists all throughout the year. But due to a badly-behaved Kiwi who jumped off a bridge in Venice may have ruined future tourists' prospects of visiting the historic city, says

The man, 49, who lives most of the year in St Tropez in France, was badly injured and taken to hospital with fractures and severe trauma, The Telegraph reported. He was reportedly drunk when he leapt off the historic stone Rialto Bridge, which crosses the Grand Canal. Instead of plummeting into the fetid water, he landed on the boat, smashing its windshield and hurting the driver. He faced charges of endangering public transport.

Venice's tourism councilor told The Local authorities were considering limiting the number of tourists visiting the Italian city famed for its picturesque waterways. reports the city's population is 55,000; tourist numbers per year are estimated at 70,000.

According to, compared with last year, numbers are predicted to be up five per cent in Venice, six per cent in Florence, nine per cent on the island of Capri in the Bay of Naples and 20 per cent in the Cinque Terre, the string of fishing villages along the coast of Liguria in the north-west of the country.

Cities like Venice have in the past flirted with the idea of imposing a cap on the number of tourists allowed to enter each day, but have concluded that such a limit would be almost impossible to implement. Instead, the government wants to look at ways of persuading tourists to visit less well-known but equally beautiful parts of the country. Instead of swarming all over Capri, for instance, they could head to other islands, such as the Egadi and Aeolian archipelagoes off Sicily or the little-known Tremiti islands off the coast of Puglia.