"Orange Is The New Black" season five will maintain most of the original characters such as Red, Alex Vause, Crazy Eyes, Piper Chapman, among others.  There's a possibility that Lolly, who was taken to the psych ward at the end of Season four, would return in the upcoming season.

Actress Lori Petty said this about returning to the show, "I certainly hope so. I do think we will. I can't say for sure, but I absolutely think we will. They are just now filming episode one [of season five] and you know how we ended season four. They have a lot to deal with right now!"

Moreover, the season five of the series will pick up moments following the death of Poussey. The death of this main character will result to more drama inside the Litchfield Penitentiary. Latest updates claim that Daya and Taystee will avenge Poussey's death, University Herald reports. 

According to GameNGuide, spoilers hinted a possible death of Piper (Taylor Schilling). Before the end of season four, Piper found herself in a precarious situation and she might not survive the rest of season five. Schilling also revealed that it will be a tough year for Piper, especially after gaining some adversaries in the last season as she becomes more manipulative.

Although this hasn't been confirmed, another rumor is circulating online. There are claims that Taystee (Danielle Brooks) will try to avenge her friend's death. Taystee was the first person to know that CO Baxter Bay (Alan Aisenberg) was not charged with the death of Poussey. The inmates were mad after learning that Bay was let off for Poussey's death. Taystee's deep friendship with Poussey will be tested in the new season.

Aside from Taystee, Daya was also angry while pointing a gun towards McCullough (Emily Tarver) and Humps (Michael Torpey). Viewers need to wait for the date it will air to know whether Daya will follow her co-inmates' urging to shoot the two. Meanwhile, "Orang Is The New Black" season five will premiere sometime in 2017.