Getting dirty has never been so much fun and Boryeong Mud gives a lot of people an excuse to channel their inner child for others. This filthy festival involves wrestling, sliding, massages and photo contests.

Fueled by word of mouth, good times and exceptional photographs of mud people, the Boryeong Mud Festival has become an international phenomenon. Families picnic under beach umbrellas and the 30 and under crowd, comprised of generally English teachers, travelers, military and students, are the party folk inside an inflatable mud wonderland.

Festival goers have their pick of competitive activities like the Mr. Mud contest, mud wrestling, mud races and even a mud boot camp. Those looking for a more laid back experience can opt for mud facials, body painting, soap making, pottery and lounging on Daecheon Beach.

There's no need to worry about getting all this gooey grey mud out of your hair as showers are abundant and so are lockers that can be used to store a fresh and clean outfit. Rinsing off in the ocean is also an option, albeit a less effective one if you plan to impress after your mud bath. Finally, after you've wallowed in Boryeong's thick gray ooze, you can pick up some of the local beauty products, including mudpacks, mud shampoo, mud soap and mud sunblock, as, this was the original intention of this festival.

Although the main attraction isthe mud, Boryeong features an impressive entertainment lineup as well. Pop and hip-hop performers from around the world affirm its status as an international event, providing an eclectic soundtrack to the wet and wild madness. There's even a huge global rave on the evening of the closing ceremonies, or Friday's Korean b-boy show.

Of course, it is clear that the thing that sets Boryeong apart is the mud play. The spirit of conviviality across cultures and ages is a function of the anonymity everyone experiences while covered in mud.