The world's largest commercial aircraft, behemoth Airbus A380, has the capacity of 544 passengers with a distance of 15,200km, according to The Telegraph.

The largest Emirates plane will take a short travel from Doha to Dubai with a distance of 378 kilometers by next month.

According to the Telegraph, it's the shortest route A380 will be using as compared to anywhere in the world, for about less than an hour for a one-way travel. Feasibly, the plane can fly 40 times between the said two cities before refuelling.

The unveiling of this huge plane will be on December 1 featuring 429 economy seats, 76 business class and 14 first class. Emirates have been operating 85 A380s and a further 57 available on order. It is specifically more than any other carrier, as explained by the Telegraph.

While this will mark as a record for the "Superjumbo" A380, it is still 'no match' for the world's shortest international route. The latter goes to People's Viennaline's service which connect St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen Airport, Germany.

These airports are just 13 miles away from each other with just about eight-minute travel time. The shortest international route will just be using a smaller aircraft, an Embraer 170 which has room for only 76, based on the Telegraph report.

Meanwhile, reported that the shortest A380 route will continue to provide the luxurious, comfortable and relaxing travel options as it was known for.

The A380 was described as a double-decker plane with flat-bed seats and first-class suits on the upper-deck while the lower deck can provide 429 economy passengers, the company said, as per

Emirates will provide the daily service between Doha and Dubai, the company added.

According to Traveller report, the Airbus A380 has been looked over by the United Arab Emirates Vice President, Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.