The NBA is intensifying its push into virtual reality. According to Recode, the NBA league announced on October 27th that it will broadcast at least one game per week in virtual reality.

This is part of their new, multi-year partnership between NBA Digital and NextVR, a VR production company, as further reported by Recode.

This means there will be a minimum of 25 games on this NBA game season. The VR broadcast won't be free, but they will be ad-free.

Moreover, Recode report says that the NBA has previously streamed games live in VR, but it only has low production value.

On the other hand, this season, NextVR is producing each game in a TV-style format which means it will include announcers, sideline reporters, multiple camera angles, graphics and even replays, as further described by Recode.

"One of the big complaints [about VR] is you feel like you're isolated," said NextVR Chairman Brad Allen in the Recode report.

"Trying to keep somebody engaged that whole time, especially during the time-outs and the breaks in the action, it makes it much more compelling if you've got somebody there that's kind of talking to you while things are happening," Allen added.

The NBA has unveiled the full schedule for the 25 games that it will live-stream with leading VR producer NextVR. The full schedule of the VR games can be checked out in Digital Trends news report.

According to Digital Trends, the NBA may take years from selling VR tickets to games, but will currently try to see if fans are attracted in having VR included in their NBA game purchase.

Digital Trends also explained that in order to watch the games, NBA fans will need a Samsung Gear VR headset and a compatible Samsung phone, along with login credentials their NBA League Pass account for the $200 full-season subscription package, at no additional cost.