There are many reasons why NYC is the greatest city in the world - its famous New York attractions are known all over the globe. Huffington Post tells us that there are tons of things New Yorkers do better than anyone else, and throwing the coolest secret parties and cultural happenings are among them.

There are a lot of venues around the city which hosts such parties such as the Secret Loft, Le Boudoir, 538 Johnson, Karasu, Featherweight, are all located around Brooklyn, New York. These parties would have different themes, suited for the different taste of the different people who are in the mood to party.

There are also different places in New York aside from Brooklyn which offers such parties. Entry to such parties would usually require one to check out on their facebook page, website, and/or other social media account. Entry points at these events would usually be at the different backdoors, bookcase doors, or unmarked doors of different establishments.

If you're not the type of person who likes to party, there are also other less well-known sites around the City for you to enjoy. 

New York is also a home for the Arts, it has been a home for a lot of artists and has housed a lot of different world-class art from around the world. The Berlin Wall in Manhattan, as well as the Life Underground at New York subway and the Whispering Galleries at Grand Central Station are just some of the places for the artsy people in town.

There are also different underrated places to visit for the History lovers out there! Such as the Morgan Library and the Irish Hunger Memorial. Other less-known must see sights aorund New York is provided to us by

You will never run out of places to visit and adventures to experience in New York City. Surely, there are tons of other different less well-known places and events aside from the one's we've mentioned that you can go around and visit.