As we travel, one cannot escape the risk of gaining undesired pounds as one is exposed to the different cuisines. A heads up on the calorie count of the different well-known food around the world may help one be aware of the potential risks taken as one indulge in such food.

The Huffington Post provides us with an infographic from, one may get to have second thoughts in eating too much of the usual favorite food around the world. Hamburger and fries in the U.S. would usually contain 629 Calories (still without the upsize). One of the most famous pastries in France, Pain au chocolat has 300 Calories per serving. Even in the place where it originated, a whole serving of Pizza in Italy has 1000 Calories. Alcoholic beverages can also contribute to one's weight gain like the Mojitos in Cuba which contains 242 Calories.

Statistics would also show that, 60 percent of travelers say they gain at least two kilos on holiday, 25 percent put on at least three kilos and 5 percent put in roughly six kilos or more. Just 10 percent lost weight or stayed the same. 44 percent of travelers say they tend to fall into bad habits while on holidays.

But despite the calorie count, one can continue indulging in such scrumptious cuisines and still stay fit by simple exercises such as skipping a rope, going to the hotel's gym or fitness center. One can also keep a resistance band and heart rate monitor to keep one's workout in check. A good walk around the place is also a great way to explore places and exercise at the same time. One should never forget to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water whether you are on the plane or on the road. If you are having a hard time choosing among the vast tricks and tips available, gives us a summary of these tips with their 9 Easy Ways to Stay Fit. There is indeed no way for you to not stay fit whether you are at home or on the road.