Aside from deciding on which activities to include in the itinerary, one of the things that travelers need to consider is the accommodation. Should you go for hotels or try something new like the Airbnb? Find out which one is best for your comfort.

When it comes to cost, the price would often vary from place to place and the current season. Some Airbnb and hotels are fully booked on holidays and special events like the super bowl making their rate a little costly compared to the regular days. Most of the time, hotel rates are costly compared to Airbnb since they have more services to offer.

With services, hotels often have hotel staffs that will accommodate a guest's need room service, room cleaning, and even laundry. In Airbnb, travelers get to do these things themselves. Airbnb guests will have the option to choose what type of room they would want to rent - private room, shared bed or an apartment. 
Apartments are a self-contained option where travelers will have the place to themselves for the time being. Guests will have the freedom to cook, access to wifi and more. Private rooms, and shared beds, on the other hand, is another option wherein guests will have to live with the owner of the place (host) and share other parts of the house like the bathroom and kitchen. Oftentimes, the latter options are best for solo or single travelers who are mostly out and about to make the most of their trip. 

Another edge that hotels have is the cleaning service. Unlike hotels that have staff to clean after a guest, Airbnb guests are expected to keep the place clean themselves. Dishes need to be washed; bathroom should be left clean and zero damage on any of the valuables inside. Failure to follow will give the host the right to ask for damage fees. 

Basically, both hotels and Airbnb can offer the utmost comfort a guest can have. With proper handling of the pros and cons, every guest can have the greatest deals they think their money is worth spending on.