Summer is always the best time to travel. You can do whatever you want under the sun. There's no need to bring umbrella, raincoat and jackets that will only make your suitcase cry for help. But not all of us are capable to travel on this season.

All year-round, there's a multitude of 'best time to travel' depending on the location of your tour and the reasons behind it.

Listed here are some of the best days to travel:

1.Off-peak Season

Depending on your budget, off-peak season is a great way to celebrate your vacation. Economically, it will help you save up. The ticket prices are low and some souvenir shops offer items for sale. Most importantly, since not a lot of people are around during this time, you can take pictures freely and repeatedly.


Based from experience, when you go to the mall on Tuesdays and Thursdays you won't expect a huge crowd lining on the cashier area. You can also make your reservations faster on these days because no one's reserved. To those who are working, Monday and Friday are the craziest and busiest, so all of them can't file a leave.

Take a picture of the beach and post them on Facebook, most of your friends will be green in envy. You're in vacation, sipping fresh juice on the beach, while they are beating a 5:00 pm work deadline.

3.No class schedule

If you're travelling with kids, school schedule is very important. But most of the school breaks falls on holidays. We all know that holidays are expected to be busy, jam-packed clubs, expensive tour packages and hotel accommodations. Vacationing during this time can be hassle-free if you will book ahead of time and choose the not-so-popular destinations but worth the visit. Research for travellers' review and be adventurous. The kids will love it too even if it's not Disneyland.

Now, here's a list of the most popular and stressful time to travel:

1. Christmas

Yes, top of the list of either 'Best or Worst'

'Best' because it's a long-holiday, you have your bonuses and it's the time when most family reunions are held. 'Worst' because it will be a pricey tour, congested traffic and the rants goes on and on.

Why not spend your Christmas at home with your family, invite friends to come over. Schedule your trip once this season is over.

2. New Year's Eve

It's a festivity. Everyone's on the street so expect a crowded tourist spot, loud noise of the cheering crowd and a huge fireworks display. If you're looking for peace and reflections, well, better do it on January 2.

3. Fridays in Summer

According to USA Today, "Roger Dow of the U.S. Travel Association said that the busiest travel days of the year are Fridays, June, July and August. Summer is the busiest travel season, and weekends are the days most in demand. Put the two together; add the occasional weather delay and you have the perfect recipe for a bad travel day."