The Nintendo Switch will be the first console powered by Nvidia technology. It is also the only one to have a custom Tegra processor by Nvidia.

Basically, what are the pros and cons of having Nvidia Tegra for Nintendo Switch?

Initially, according to iTech Post, the custom Tegra is Nvidia's processor which is dedicated to Nvidia's mobile effort. Thus, gamers should not be bemused if they notice the Switch performing a smartphone or a tablet-like feature.

The Nvidia Tegra has compensating features such as more improved gameplay graphics and better visuals than PS3 And Xbox 360

Another striking edge of the Switch's Nvidia Tegra is that it has a scalable processor that is highly efficient, as per Games Radar.

In addition to that, it has more modern Pascal architecture. Nvidia makes this possible by incorporating a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit that uses the Pascal architecture, as reported by iTech Post.

It is the same architecture like the best GeForce graphics cards used for gaming.

According to Nvidia, Switch sports a fully customized software for Nintendo. These comprises advanced tools, an upgraded physics engine and new libraries for games

Since Nintendo Switch has customized API (Application Programming Interface), it means that gamers get the console that performs better than any of its predecessors.

With their custom API, the console will have a more optimized rendering, video playback and audio effects which is efficient for gamers, as stated in the Nvidia blog.

Even PC games are proven to run better using Nvidia cards compared to using cards provided by AMD.

The Switch also has the advantage of consuming less power than its competitors as it can maximize battery life.

It also been mentioned by iTech Post that the cons, on the other hand, is that with Switch as the only console using Nvidia technology (as both competitors uses Xbox One and PS4 use AMD tech), the probable consequence is the additional hassle and cost for developers who would require their game to be on all three platforms.

The potential of their new console is a portable play that is presumed to be the next big thing for games in the future.