Finally, here it is!

For months now, people have been forming their own speculations over the new MacBook Pro. It's been a long time coming, but it is here! People have been requesting for an overhaul on the MacBook Pro and the whole Mac line, which haven't been given some revamp for a long time.

People have been heard and they can now say TTFN (tata for now) on the outdated design of the MacBook line. Since 2012, MacBook Pro design hasn't been tweaked and the people can't contain the hype of MacBook Pro having a new look. Just this week, Apple sent out invitations for a press event on October 27, Gizmodo reports, and it only means one thing. The much awaited event will be livestream on the Apple website, people can watch with Safari for macOS, Safari on iOS, the Apple TV, or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, the site added.

Weeks ago, news about the speculated features were reported with details such as a much thinner body, with an OLED touchscreen display. That's why the site collected some of the most notable changes in the upcoming MacBook Pro.

The new Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is reportedly adding an OLED display panel which will be placed above the keyboard. Gizmodo detailed, the touchscreen display will be installed on where the function keys are. The neat thing about it, the screen will project the applications currently being used.

Another expected change are the USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 ports to accelerate connectivity. When it comes to internal ware, MacBook Pro is foreseen to pack an AMD graphics. While, Intel Core Skylake chipset or the new Kaby Lake processors are the processors expected to be inside the newest Mac.

Even though the MacBook Pro will be the star of the show on the 27th, Apple is also expected to upgrade its MacBook Air with reports of including USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 ports, the site added. However, the site also thinks that 11-inch MacBook Air will never see the light of day again. While, the 13-inch model is still a main stay.