Those who have been on numerous long-haul flights certainly know that it can be the little things that can make the journey more comfortable and endurable.

One of those things has to be essential amenities that should be made available to all passengers.

Airlines such as Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways normally provide toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, mouthwash, moisturizer and perfume to their first class passengers.

However, it would make all the difference if every customer on board are able to arrive at their destination, feeling a little refreshed.

According to Express, excellent in-flight entertainment is also a key to make sure that every traveler can relax on their flight.

Even though a lot of airlines have their international aircrafts fitted with a television screen and headphones for every passenger, it's still what's on the airlines system that matters.

Having a wide variety or television shows, films and music can absolutely go a long way to customers rebooking their next flight with the same earlier.

Also, plane food has hardly had the best reputation, specifically for those travelling in economy. Even Independent Traveler affirm this as it suggests people to choose their airline wisely the reason partly is the food that the airlines offer.

Moreover, people's taste buds differ at the high altitude and pressure, but a variety of quality foods of various cuisines, which taste good in the air should definitely be invested in.

A generous baggage allowance wouldn't go a miss either.

Majority of people also do not travel lightly in long-haul flights. Normally, they want to bring back things, so being able to check-in more than 20kg bag included in the flight ticket prices is a huge plus.

Lastly, these are the final two things that airlines should add into their prices.

The first is discounted stopover holidays that few airlines already offer. However, some such as Singapore Airlines, even adds sightseeing tours if the stopover is more than six hours.

The second is, some airlines offer vouchers to spend at duty free. Since food and drink is often not permitted past security, giving a voucher to spend at duty free, may it be on food or other items, would really make every passengers' day.

But as for passengers, here are tips to survive a long-haul flight: