Delayed flights in Melbourne airport, hundreds of thousands of homes without power, and hurt citizens: these are just some of the damage done by the wild winds and bad weather in Victoria. Here's a quick update on what happened in this part of the world.

Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport's was left with only one functional runway last Sunday - leaving many flights delayed and passengers disgruntled. Stuff New Zealand reports that the 120kmh winds were the main cause of the delay of majority of the flights. Aircrafts were also said to have lost communication mid-flight, leading many to do an emergency landing as well.

Other than weather conditions, the tail of one of Singapore Airlines's aircrafts hit another plane on the runway, leading to more delays as well.

For the rest of Victoria, the winds went up to 122kmh leaving one woman dead and thousands of homes damaged. According to The Age, the weather got to a deadly rate after 1pm.

Trees have been rooted from the ground, homes have debris fallen on their roofs, and several people have been injured as well. Some of the reported injured were two firemen, a golfer, workers for the clearing operations, and two people who couldn't get out of their homes.

Victoria's Emergency Management Commission Craig Lapsley has also spoken about the unexpected disaster, and he described it as a "one in a five-year event."

Citizens in the affected areas are still urged to keep safe in the confines of their homes until further announcement. Train lines are still not fully operational, and there is still no update when it will be back and running normally again.

Clearing operations have finally started, and the SES has been working non-stop in responding to thousands of calls asking for assistance. For now, citizens are still urged to keep safe as rainfall, strong winds, and hail are still expected to come Monday.

Here's an amateur video caught by John's Weather Channel as posted on Youtube: