New Hampshire - A 31-pound cat is getting so much attention from the guests at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn, Waterville Valley.

The name of the cat is Logan, which weighs approximately three times the size of a normal cat, according to Logan has become popular to visitors and online. Guests of the hotel have posted pictures of Logan sitting in a chair, and even posted a video on Facebook that has been viewed million times.

Logan was adopted by Susan and Tor Brunvand from a Meridith, New Hampshire six years ago.

"He acts like he owns the place," Tor Brunvand said to New Hampshire Union Leader.

"All the little old ladies, and most of our visitors, in fact, love him. When they first arrive, they ask for Logan.

"We didn't expect quite that much attention, but he is a very lovable cat," Tor said.

 There are mixed reactions about the cat's weight. Some people are amazed and some are concerned.

Susan Brunvand told New Hampshire Union Leader that they got a call from a concerned viewer, who thought they were abusing Logan by letting him get so huge.

"When we got him from the shelter, I asked them, 'Why is this cat so fat?'" she said. "But we've had him all of these years and he's had times when he hasn't eaten for long periods and he still hasn't lost any weight. He doesn't eat to excess."

"We've tried different foods with him, but he will only eat one kind of food," Tor added.

According to the Brunvands, they just have a fat cat.

"He's just a big cat," Tor said. "And everyone loves him, and he loves everyone."

Logan had his blood tested when the Brunvands took him to a veterinarian but nothing was found. He once had a fight against a feral cat and barely ate for a few weeks. Still, he did not reduce in size, wrote.