Rumors have spread that financial health may affect their passenger's flight bookings, but United Kingdom's budget airline Monarch has stated that the firm and its flight schedules are going steady and normal as they are.

According to Independent, the speculations spread over the weekend spread like fire after the firm, which has been in the business for 48 years old, was set to close since it's being affected by terrorist incidents, Brexit and the weak pound.

A spokesperson from Monarch Airlines stated that they don't have a clue yet as to where and how the rumors started but one thing is for sure: the rumors are not true, according to BBC.

This allegedly started at the firm's Twitter page where some of the 113,000 followers they currently have started asking if it's true that the company is going to bust. The page has surprisingly tried its best to answer the tweets brushing off the gossip but still keeping their cool about it.

One consumer asked the company about what the consumers will do about their flights, saying that the speculation was coming out of Manchester airport. The page tweeted, "Hi there, the rumours are not true. Please ignore them."

Despite the gossip that the firm has been struggling, Monarch brushed it off and started to advertise holiday bookings and deals on Sunday evening.

Monarch also announced that the firm will be releasing an update about a significant investment in the upcoming days.

"To weather tougher market conditions and to fund its ongoing growth, Monarch expects to announce a significant investment from its stakeholders in the coming days."

It is said that Monarch is protected by the Air Traffic Organisers' Licensing (Atol) scheme by the government where consumers and passengers will be refunded if the firm collapses and makes sure that the will not be stranded and affected.