Carnival Corporation is an American-British cruise company and the world's largest cruise ship operator. As part of the company's innovative approach to capture cruise and non-cruisers around the globe, they will be launching three TV programs that will air on ABC, NBC and The CW networks by October 1. The shows will be about travel, vacations and cruising.

According to a statement made by Carnival Corp.'s CEO Arnold Donald, the shows are designed to reach a broader consumer audience and will illustrate "how much fun people have traveling the world by ocean while helping to "'dispel outdated myths about cruising'."

The three TV series will run for about half an hour and will air on Saturday mornings.

The Carnival Corporation owns more than 100 ships across 10 different cruise line brands, The following cruise ships are Holland America, Fathom, Princess and Cunard, Carnival Cruise Line.

Over the course of various episodes, the series will showcase ships from all of Carnival Corporation's cruise brands, respectively.

Carnival said that the programs will neither be infomercials nor have upfront pitches to book to cruises. However, there will be commercial break for regular ads, including those for Carnival brands. TV channels plan to sell ads for other products during the half-hour shows.

According to a report made by Chicago Sun Times, the shows comprise the following:

"Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin," airing on ABC affiliate channels. The show will follow Corwin, the host, on adventurous excursions in various ports, including wildlife-watching, kayaking, zip-lining, diving, rappelling and mountain-climbing.

"The Voyager with Josh Garcia," airing on NBC stations. The show will follow Garcia, the host, as he meets locals in seaside destinations to explore history, culture, food and other stories.

"Vacation Creation," airing on The CW network. The show will be hosted by "In Living Color" star Tommy Davidson and YouTube celebrity Andrea Feczko as they create personalized dream vacations for individuals, couples and families who've weathered hardships or are in need of hope or quality time together."

Since surveys have shown that people who have already set foot on cruise ships usually became repeat cruisers, having those non-cruisers to consider a cruise vacation is a big challenge for the cruise industry.